Brittany & Dakota at the 5th in Novi, Michigan

November 6, 2021

I know a secret, I’ve known it for a while but it JUST sunk into my heart a few years ago.  Ready for it? It’s not very sexy or mind-blowing but it’s legit and something people hear over and over but ignore easily.  Here it is…. Just be yourself and your “tribe” will follow. All that good lovin you’ve been giving will come back to you 10 fold and you will feast on the happiness of you life.  THIS, this was clear as day during Brittany & Dakotas wedding and I’m about to show you.

They had the sweetest theme for their wedding ,UP (the movie).  It’s a sweet love story about living out your dreams and keeping the promises made to your loved ones.  I don’t know them too well, even though I feel like I’ve known them forever, but I bet that’s the kind of people they are. 

Of course they did a first look.  I say of course because if you watch them, it’s clear that they have that intimate kind of love.  As a photographer, this is a moment I do not take for granted.  I get to be a fly on the wall at a time when no one else can.  During the first look, I guide them both so that it goes flawlessly and creates a moment that will live in their hearts forever. When I was walking her through she summed up what I was saying so perfectly. “Just be ourselves?’ , she said.  Yes, exactly.  

The ceremony was lovely.  They had the ceremony and reception at The 5th in Novi. They offer a really chic & unique industrial space filled with brick walls, windows and vintage lighting.  It was perfect for a seamless “day of” that allowed the bride and groom to spend every precious moment with the people that showed up for them.

This bring me to the people that showed up for them.  They filled the room with love and the kind of energy that only 2 amazing people can evoke.   Their bridal parties were extra ordinary. Both guys and girls were just so amazing.  As I stood there I could almost picture what they would all share together in the coming years and how amazing it would be.  Weddings, babies, birthdays, cross country moves.  You could just tell that they would all show up for each other for years and years to come.  These were good humans and a group of friends that would stay together throughout the thick in thin their lives.  Makes my heart so happy for them.  This , this is good living.

Then the dances.  DEAR LORD, the dances. 

The bride and groom danced to “harvest moon”, someone get me some tissues.  Their friends leaned back on the bar and surrounded them to watch.  It was the kind of moment where guys grabbed their girls a little tighter and whispered in their ear.  Where girls tilted their heads and swayed to the music.  All eyes on them because you knew what you were seeing was special and it made you want to give your best. 

The father and daughter dance was just majestic.  They looked in each others eyes and smiled while they spun and sang to each other. Pure magic.

Then the mother & son dance.  As a mom of boys , this dance always tugs at my heart strings but this….  This was perfect, genuine & sweet.  I have no words really, there are no words to paint a picture of just how beautiful this moment was. I only hope that when my sons get married , I am able to have a moment like this with them.  

Of course, there’s the party time and this crew did not disappoint.  It was a true celebration. 

Brittany & Dakota, I wish nothing but the best in your life together.  May the love you felt on this day guide you through all of your tomorrows.