March 29, 2023

Romantic Greenhouse Wedding in Michigan

Are you planning a romantic greenhouse wedding in Michigan? You’re in the right place. Michigan has BEAUTIFUL greenhouse locations to get married in. As a Michigan wedding photographer, we’ve been there. We’re sharing all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) details of our top 3 botanical locations to get married in.

  1. Plantera Conservatory – Extravagant, luxurious greenhouse wedding like no other.

Plantera is hands down the most well known botanical garden wedding venue in Michigan. With each venue booking you receive their premium planning experience, complete with in-house design, floral, food & beverage, rental, and valet service. There’s not much for you to do… aside finding a wedding photographer that will do you justice and pf course, celebrate! There‚Äôs no other modern Michigan venue like this! Planterra Conservatory is the premiere Detroit greenhouse venue for modern garden weddings Their service and style is like no other. Located in West Bloomfield, Michigan makes it easily accessible

CONS: Honestly, there aren’t many cons. You will need a large budget but you will love what they do with it. Also, they do not host weddings during summer months because it gets very hot during that time.

2. Belle Isle Conservatory – Historic, botanical garden on a 982 acre island in Detroit.

The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is a greenhouse and a botanical garden located on Belle Isle, a 982-acre island park located on the Detroit River within Detroit, Michigan. From my perspective, it’s the most magical conservatory in the Metro Detroit Area. It’s historic, well known and the views when if you get married on their garden are STUNNING. Your guests will be seated on their well manicured English garden and watch you walk down the staircase, through the beautiful hedges and up to the conservatory. I’ve been to Paris and I think I feel like I’m back there every time I step foot into that garden.

CONS: Real talk, there are many cons but if you’re a couple that can be patient , the pros will overcome the cons. Communication is not their forte and you’ll have to bring in all of your vendors so I definitely recommend getting a planner to help with coordinating. It will be money well spent and since their fees are low, you will be so happy you did.

3. The Mattthaei Botanical gardens in Ann Arbor

I’m a little biased on this one because it’s where I got married. You can set your wedding outdoors in one of our formal gardens or spaces, or indoors amid the lush tropical setting of the Conservatory. They offer seven distinct spaces to hold your ceremony and take photos after and all of them are beautiful in their own way. Your guests will love waking this place. You can have the reception right onsite too or with such close proximity to Ann Arbor, you have plenty of off site reception options.

CONS: Just like a lot of other places, you’ll have to bring in your own vendors if you want the reception to be on-site. Like Belle Isle, they do not offer a bridal suite to get ready in but there is a small room to hang out with your wedding party beforehand.

4. Graye’s Greenhouse – Intimate & historic

Enjoy a dreamy wedding ceremony inside their historic glass greenhouse. They can accommodate groups up to 25, providing an intimate setting to profess love surrounded by your favorite few and begin the next chapter in a verdant oasis. Your guests will love to experience your intimate ceremony here, it’s beautiful , peaceful and super cool.


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