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Since 2013

Since 2009

I’m a Photographer

A Wife

As I was “climbing the ladder” in the IT industry, something didn’t FEEL right. Photography filled that hole and in 2020, I decided to take some time to be at home with my littles because well…2020 happened.  Then, My client base grew by 40% in 3 months.  I booked more clients during the last week at my “career job” than I had all year.  It was like someone was SLAPPING me in the face.

15 years ago my girlfriends bought me a camera as my wedding gift. I still can’t put it down!

Becoming a photographer has happened organically for me. Although I’ve always taken pictures of people, I never did it to make money.  Then, 5 years ago I took took the plunge to raise money for breast cancer.  I raised enough for our team to be one of the top 5 fundraising teams in Michigan.

What happened next would shock me. I loved doing this work so much that I COULDN’Tturn it off. Ever since then, this business has been more successful than I ever imagined possible. I’ve won several industry awards as I continued to grow this business and the path forward feels like it’s powered by something greater than myself....

Since 2011

I’m a Mom & Friend

With love,

Genevieve DeVries

This year has taught me that my photography has a place in peoples life story.  I help preserve memories, remember passionate moments and create a vision of who THEY are.  I finally found a job where my personality fits right in, where I can be myself and share my heart with you.  I’m honored and DO NOT take that for granted.

Your wedding Photographer.

Some stuff you need to know about me

I actually have a degree

I love to:


Information technology

My favorite person is

Nothing makes me happier than

Seeing my boys laugh

My husband!

I can't live without

I value

Real human moments


My best friend

My home town

San Lorenzo, Argentina

They're all best

The Process

have a call

You should have a photographer who captures your day, your way. You deserve an amazing photographer. We don't book every wedding we are asked to do because it's important that we work with couples who value our work. Before we move forward, we'll have a call to make sure we are right for each other.


WORK OUT The Details

I want to hear about what YOU want. I know what you're dreaming up. I will make sure you are taken care of. From timeline, to style to working with a planner, designer or maid of honor.




You deserve to be in good, professional hands. Once we have all your details, I will draw up a legal contract that we can both review and sign online. That way you can sit back and enjoy your day, as you should.

When he looks at you,

and the whole world fades,

I will capture you that way.